The Tucker building, located at 8th and Kansas, is right in the heart of downtown Topeka, Kansas. Downtown Topeka draws many visitors because of its close proximity to the Kansas State Capitol. There are a number of businesses along Kansas Avenue that draw foot traffic.

The Tucker building has been unoccupied for some time. Pedestrians peering through the windows saw only wiring conduits, empty ceiling grids, bare studs, and dusty concrete. This diminished the appeal of the property, and the neighborhood. Materials to cover the windows can be expensive or ugly.

Super Smooth Banner from inside

A cheap solution is papering over the windows from the inside. The paper is cheap. The installation is quick. But the final product leaves huge blank canvases in each window that only highlight the emptiness of the space. And if the paper is wrinkled or poorly installed, it is even uglier. Though this would hide the interior, it further diminishes the look of the building to those viewing it from outside.

Printed vinyl graphics applied directly to the window also hide the interior space. They offer the additional benefit of displaying graphics to the passing traffic that can make the space appealing. But printed vinyl is expensive. And not just because of the material costs. The installation is also costly because it is time consuming.


Super Smooth vinyl combines the best parts of both solutions. The material is budget-friendly, making it perfect for short-term uses. It keeps light from passing through, hiding the buildings interior. Full-color graphics can be printed onto it and it will not wrinkle.

The Super Smooth vinyl is attached to the window using a strip of double-sided tape along the top of the print. This makes the installation quick and cheap. And since the material has a natural weight to it, the graphics hang down without any additional attachments at the bottom.


Now the Tucker building not only adds to the appeal of downtown Topeka, it works to promote local places, such as Washburn University and the Greater Topeka Partnership. And since Super Smooth vinyl is long-lasting, these graphics can stay on display even while the building is under construction for a new tenant.

A view of the Super Smooth Banners from the outside.
Tucker Building on Kansas Avenue in Topeka Kansas